Archer Statistics


Cost: 40elixir
Health: 20
Damage/sec: 7


Upgrade cost: 50.000elixir
Health: 24
Damage/sec: 9

Basic stats

Favorite target: any
Attack type: single
Attack range: ranged
Target: ground & air
Movement: foot/ground
Housing space: 1
Speed: normal
Build time: 25s
Weapon: Bow


Acher appearance is a female with a purple hair And sharp eyes bringing her bow and quiver(in her back), she wears light green dress with belt with a small bag on the belt and has golden ring in her shoulder, her arrow has a pink feather

Archer are very weak if no troop defending the archer but have a long range attack trough walls . Using archer in mass while there is mortar is realy unwisely since mortar splash damage can destroy all of it in one hit


  • it's unknown why she bring small bag at her belt