Barbarian Statistics


Cost: 20elixir
Health: 45
Damage/sec: 9


Upgrade cost: 50.000elixir
Cost: 40elixir
Health: 54
Damage/sec: 11

Basic Stats

Favorite target: any
Damage type: single
Attack range: melee
Target: ground
Movement: Foot/ground
Housing space: 1
Speed: normal
Build time: 25s
Weapon: Short sword


Barbarian appearance is a man with angry expression, having a golden hair and long golden mustache wear brown skirt and leather belt with iron shield shaped belt head , and also have spiked band in both arm it's also has a small sword in right hand and also wear sandals

This is the most basic troop. Barbarian are useful for a lure and good when swarming in huge number. Barbarian is very weak when attacking walls or defense. Archer are great to support barbarian