Clan politics

Clan are the optional selection but it realy important that you should enter a clan since clans is the source of socialization in this game

What is Clan?

This guestion has been asked and answered a million time and the simple answer is: a place where you can trade troops. But after you Rebuild the Clan Castle join the clan you will know that clan is used to Socializing, make a new friends, Relive Boredness And more

Come on 40.000 gold isn that expensive

Clan Castle

Every clan always have clan castle That mean you should Build it At level 12 and more cause clan require a big preparation Sice They Cost 40.000Gold


Clan leader are the one who has a big responsibility on managing his clan, leader also has special andmitrative tool such as to kicking elders


Elder are a a title for a respected member that has higher reputation on their clan, elder also can invite and accept join request and make other member elder


member are just an average clan that used as warmonger and supplier

Making A new clan

To make a clan are simple here's the step  1. Choose your flag  2. Pay required money  3. Invite player without clan  4. Make them elder  5. Ask elder to do the step 3  6. Be creative

Clan tips to raise moral of your member and to impress the elder

  • Promote top ten or top five to be elder
  • Respect the elder and leader
  • Get as many throphy as you can
  • Dont be a racist clan leader
  • Domestical clan Progress are slow
  • If your member are less than 20 player change the join type to "free to join"
  • Donate good troop( usually Giants,Wizards and Balloons
  • Speak polite
  • Give a warm welcome to a new member
  • Listen whatever your leader spoke
  • And the important thing is: Never insult you friends