Cost: 500elixir
Health: 300
Damage/sec: 11


Upgrade cost: 100.000elixir
Cost: 1.000elixir
Health: 360

Basic stats

Favorite target: cannon,towers and reinforcement
Attack type: single
Attack range: melee
Target: ground
Movement: foot/ground
Housing space: 5
Speed: slow
Building time: 1min-45sec


Giant appearance is a supersize man with a bald cube head and yellow eyebrow and sideburns have huge arm and wears simple clothes with golden headed red belt

Giant are capable of tanking huge damage and strong against mortar and having the nature of attacking defenses first. Due it's big capacity of Heath player usually make it as their main attacker, but 5 barbarian would cover half of giant health but have 4X more damage than giant