Cost: 20elixir
Health: 25
Damage/sec: 11


Upgrade cost: 50.000elixir
Cost: 40elixir
Health: 30
Damage/sec: 14

Basic stats

Special: double damage on resource building
Favorite target: storage and generator
Attack type: single
Attack range: melee
Target: ground
Movement: foot/ground
Housing space: 1
Speed: fast
Building time: 30s
Weapon: Probably it's hand and bag


Goblin appearance is a small green creature with elven ears and red eyes, it's nose tip is red colored, goblin wears brown working pants (possibly leather) and leather shoes also bringing leather bag for bringing rescources they stole

Goblin are our frenemy whil they help your attack they also your available enemy if you are not in war wit any player . Goblin is also fastest unit and deal double damage on storage,generator, but due it's nature of attacking rescources and small amount of health defense may kill it easier


  • Goblin has a derp eyes and lost one of its teeth that possibly make them looks       dumb