Mortar is a splash damage based defensive guns that deal damage to enemy around target it effective against small unit such as barbarian archer and goblin I do one or two hit to defeat small enemy but as mortar too slow some fast moving unit like goblin and skeleton can easily avoid them due their bullet takes time to hit grounds . Here's some tactic to defeat mortar:

  • using giants is effective since they cover much damage
  • spawning troop in 4 sides is can avoid mortar
  • use a Giant as a bait and continue with small troop
  • ballon can defeat mortar easier, like cannon both of them can't attack air unit
  • mortar has most weakness that it prefer to attack farthest unit and avoid the nearest

Mortar Stats

Basic stats

Attack type: splash/area damage
Targets: ground unit
Bullet speed: slow
Size: 3x3
Range: 4 to 10 tiles


Armor: 400
Cost: 8.000
Damage/sec: 4
Build time: 8hr


Armor: 450
Cost: 32.000
Damage/sec: 5
Build time: 12hr


Armor: 500
Cost: 128.000
Damage/sec: 6
Build time: 1d

The damage per second isn't accurate since mortar may deal 5x more damage than that it haven't realy sure that it was its multiplier or the minimum damage