Cost: 1.000elixir
Health: 20
Damage/sec: 12
WallDamage: 480


Upgrade Cost: 100.000elixir
Cost: 1.500elixir
Health: 24
Damage/sec: 16
WallDamage: 640

Basic Stats

Special: 40X Damage To Wall
Favorite target: Wall
Attack type: Splash
Attack range: melee
Target: ground
Movement: foot/ground
Housing space: 1
Speed: fast
Building time: 2min
Weapon: Big Black Bomb

Wall breaker appearance is a small skeleton that wears an Aviator hat and haves a small scar in its eye

Wall breaker or called "skeleton" is the unit that deal splash attack around their enemy and has its speciality to destroy wall very fast. Wall Breaker also can be used to repel massive size of troop since they deal same type of attack with the mortar, Wall BreakerBomb Also sold separately In Shop For defensive purpose, Wall Beeaker Splash attack also could damage 1-3 Walls Around Them Due it's splash attack. Unlocking the Wall Breaker in barrack will give you the Second "Relase The Beast" Archivement That award you 10 Gems